Shortly before midnight on Friday, the strongest earthquake in over 100 years struck Morocco. Communities in the High Atlas Mountains and nearby areas are facing overwhelming loss of life with over 1,300 casualties and people in critical condition. A quick response is essential, and we are mobilizing for immediate community relief

Assalam Alaikum wa Rahmatu Allah wa Barakatuh

.The news coming in from the mountain villages is truly heart-wrenching and catastrophic

Several villages have been completely devastated, while others have suffered immense losses in terms of both homes and lives. It’s important to understand that even under normal circumstances, these villages are incredibly remote and challenging to access. Given the current situation, the plight of the survivors is even more dire.
Today, Maa wa Namaa team will leave at 12 towards Taroudant, with the intention to aid our brothers and sisters in the Adassil village where they have built a well earlier (bir al baraka in 2021), then Takouka village.

The goal is to support 1,000 families through

Distributing 6,000 blankets
 Providing 1,000 food baskets
 Supplying mats and essential items

The total value of this convoy is approximately MAD 1,400,000 / US$ 140,000

Maa wa Namaa suppliers agreed to provide the goods on credit pending the collection of donations to settle the needed

May Allah grant patience to the families and strength to Maa wa Namaa team



The “Maa wa Namaa” Association was set up in Rabat in 2020 to support the efforts of public institutions and civil society to combat thirst in our honorable kingdom, provide water and bring villages back to life


Providing drinking water to the most disadvantaged by digging wells and exploiting various water sources with a management style characterized by creativity, transparency, competence and a social approach with a sustainable development dimension


 Institutional strengthening of volunteering
 Pioneering techniques and methods for saving water
Preserving and rationalizing existing water resources
 Providing drinking water to communities in need
 Ensuring the effectiveness and sustainability of projects
Establish broad partnerships inside and outside Morocco
 Economic empowerment of vulnerable groups